Marathon Technology


We are an advanced technology company, cleverly disguised as an appliance company. The only difference between robotics and smart machines (appliances) is that one runs around, the other stays put and does work. The control systems and sensors and software are similar.


Quad-Core 64-bit ARM Cortex A53


Your average washing machine has technology inside it that dates from oh, around the 1980's or so. A microprocessor dedicated to machine control, to doing laundry, about what you would expect in a washing machine.

At Marathon, our Silicon Valley butt-kickers realized that some serious firepower is in order for a modern machine with touchscreen, internet capabilities, and, you know, it's 2019, we're already 19 years into the new millennium.

So yeah, a Quad-core ARM CPU, a gigabyte of main memory, embedded Linux, multi-touch screen. We can even play HD video if we want ... while you're doing your laundry. We may or may not actually play HD video, depending on whether it delivers actual value to you, but we *can*. Just sayin'.'

Software. Algorithms.

Save Energy & Time

Marathon Machines are a bit like the cars that Tesla Motors has developed — not just smart and thoughtful, but with real computers, full-time internet connectivity, and a team of award-winning software engineers coming up with great ideas.

And we can update your software over the internet, just like Tesla. So when we find a better way to save you energy or make you love doing laundry even more, you will get the update. Or maybe just because it's Halloween, or because we cut a deal with Kansas City Power & Light. Update. Just like that. Like getting a new machine and not paying a dime extra.